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Currency auto/manual exchanger software. Help you to start your own currency exchange business.

Works with API, Wex API, Telegram API, FaceBook Api. Simple to install and use!

- convenient control panel
- FaceBook and VK authentication for users
- BestChange rates loading
- Telegram alerts for admin
- 99% open source
- multilangual option
- automatic payments

Technical details:
- php 5.6+
- fast and comfort database: SqLite3
- AJAX - updating without restarting

Manual exchange in all directions
Automatic payment reception 1 Exmo, Webmoney, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Yandex Money,QIWI, Payeer..
Alerts for manager
Rates parsing from BestChange
Template installation 2
Installation help full
Period of suport 3 4 month(s) 6 month(s)
License 4 1 domain
Price $459 $649 $599
Purchase Purchase
1 The list is supplementing by new payment systems 2 Your template 3 Then you can buy support option. –°ritical updates are available always 4 + subdomain for testing 5 One time only 6 Price for one Merchant 7 The customer bears full responsibility for the changes made to the software code
Additional Services
3 months of additional support $95
6 months of additional support $145
Individual module from $50
Template modifying from $20
Changing domain for license 5 $50
Installation additional template from $90
Transferring a site $45
Setting ip Merchant Accounts 6 $25

A few things..

FaceBook Auth

Update without restarting

99% open source

VK Auth

Version: 5.6

Multi Language

Dual factor authentication



How it looks..

Notifications for client by email

  • Notifications of registration etc..
  • If order was changed (canceled or payed)

Telegram alerts

  • When client create order
  • When client payed order
  • if resources is not enough

Two formats of file rates

  • JSON
  • XML

Rates parsing from BestChange

  • Loading rates for inform
  • Setting rates for exchanger
  • Choosing rating position for loading

Synchronization of reserves

  • Automatic counting if order change
  • Sync with AdvCash,Exmo account
  • Sync with Perfect Money, Qiwi account


  • by partner payments
  • by currencies
  • by exchange pairs
  • Total in one currency

Affiliate program

  • Personal fee for partner
  • Statistic for partner
  • Total earnings in one currency
  • Automatic payment by exchanger API

Permission control

  • Special permissions for worker
  • Setting up roles
  • Blocking users

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